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Get These Amazing Benefits When You Use the App

You can run at home

Limited time? Bad weather? No problem! With our App You can run confortably at home.

Stunning experience

The first and most realistic simulation for jogging in a  immersive 3d environment.

Stay fit with music

Train with an energetic and motivating soundtrack that changes everytime.

Each traning is unique

Each training session will be fun, engaging and different from the last thanks to the AI. 

Track your progress

You can monitor your progress in real time every time (steps taken, distance travelled).

No need of costly gear

The App is fully compatible with the Oculus Quest  headset (1 & 2) that you already have.

Five stars rated experience

All the users of City Run VR evaluate the app as the most engaging and realistic simulation to run, jog, walk or simply stay fit never experienced before!

Start to train in VR now! 

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App version for Oculus Quest  

€ 9,99

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Being able to keep fit by running or simply walking with only my VR viewer is priceless!

Nellie Pineda



I can finally train seriously with my VR headset whenever I want...incredible experience!

Kim King

Fitness enthusiast


The training I can do with the app is absolutely effective. It's exactly like running outside. 

Markus Pelb

Pro athlete

Watch the video below! 

Watch on the video below to see the great features of our training app !!!  

50% off - only 9,99 € instead of 19,99 € !

Some amazing features of the app!


The virtual environment reproduces reality faithfully. You will have the feeling of running in a real urban environment with traffic, pedestrians, voices, ambient sounds, streets, buildings, etc. 


We have worked over two years to offer you the most innovative and realistic jogging and running simulation ever made. You will be able to train in an effective and fun way from the comfort of your home whenever you want.

Always different

Thanks to the AI each workout will be different from the previous one and you will be able to train in a setting that is always new and engaging. The AI recognise also the time (e.g. if you train in the evening it will also be in the app). 

90-100 FPS

on oculus quest2





Here Are Your Questions Answered

Can I use the App whenever I want?

Sure! You can use the app whenever You want, the license is valid forever and all the members of your family cain train with it for free too. You will also receive for free al the future upgrades and updates of the app. 

Running with the app is effective?

Obvious! Each training session is absolutely effective, You will burn almost 636 calories with an hour training session. Too our of shape to run? You can simply just walk and losing weight while having fun. 

Can I keep track of my progress?

Yes! You will be able to keep track of your progress in each workout (steps, taken, distance travelled, etc.) and pursue all your training goals in the comfort of your home. 

Will the training be fun and realistic?

Absolutely! Each training session wil be fun, engaging and absolutely realistic thanks to the gamification functions, you will live the experience of a real running training inside a 3d world that looks incredibly real. 

Will be each workout different from the last?

You can bet! Each workout will be absolutely different from the previous one thanks to the sophisticated AI functions that we have implemented in both the apps.

Can I train  the way I want?

Of course! You can train however you like, following the virtual runner companions (male or female) for a training more effective and engaging, or following your own path. 

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