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Start training now from the comfort of your home following these three simple steps…


Install the app in your VR headset

Install the app in your Oculus Quest by sideloading with adb or Sidequest.


Train by running or jogging normally

Train by running or jogging normally in place. Choose the step you prefer… You can also just walk.


Pay attention to your surroundings

Make sure to have enough space to train and remove any obiect near you that can be an obstacle.

Here Are Your Questions Answered

How do I Install the app on my Oculus Quest?

The app is immediately installable like any other external app by sideloading. Haven’t installed any app yet with this method? Follow this easy guide : 

The app takes a little to load. Is it normal?

Sure! The app has to load a lot of extremely complex 3D elements ( traffic, roads, buildings, pedestrians, AI routines, etc.) therefore it takes about 10-20 seconds to start. Do some stretching in the meantime.

Is the app easy to use?

City Run VR is very easy to use : put on your headset, start the app, choose the training time you prefer…and start having fun!

Can I keep track of my progress?

Yes! You will be able to keep track of your progress in each workout (steps, taken, distance travelled, etc.) and pursue all your training goals in the comfort of your home.

Running with the app is effective?

Obvious! Each training session wil be absolutely effective, you will burn almost 636 calories with an hour training session. For more info see :

Will be each workout engaging?

You can bet! Each workout will be absolutely fun and immersive thanks to the realism of the VR. We also made the virtual city environment bigger (four times than the previous one).

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