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The world’s leading virtual reality platform, Meta Quest 2, turned its attention to the fitness industry and redefined exercise in the process. This is particularly good news for most of us who find exercise to be a chore, as it provides a new and exciting solution to getting in shape. With the proliferation of VR fitness apps and games, there are endless opportunities to turn a typically hilarious experience into something truly immersive and fun. Get active and stay active as you exercise in exotic locations, conquer kingdoms, pass training, and join a larger community of fellow explorers. Everything is just a headset away.

The truth is that standard exercises can become extremely monotonous and repetitive. In fact, there’s a reason why millions of us can’t stick to our regular routines. We try to distract ourselves by watching TV or listening to music, but even these attempts often end with time. Some of us try to exercise with others, but it’s hard to keep a consistent schedule. And while a regular workout app might help keep you motivated, it won’t add to the enjoyment of exercising. Alternatively, what if there was a way to enjoy exercising as much as you enjoy your favorite video game? Fortunately, Meta Quest 2 has found a solution.

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This is where Meta Quest 2 comes into play. Take the popular app Supernatural, for example, which promotes exercise through a series of challenges and puts real trainers at your disposal. In the same vein, the FitXR app lets you work out with friends in real time and offers new weekly classes in their respective fields of boxing, HIIT and dance. There is also Holofit, a membership platform where you can burn calories in a variety of virtual locations, including Paris, Saturn, Underwater World, Cyberpunk World, and more.

Do you know what could be even better than training with purpose? Exercise is accidental when you’re having so much fun that you don’t even realize you’re exercising. This is an area where Meta Quest 2 truly shines, using immersive gaming as a gateway to fitness. In The Thrill of the Fight, you enter a virtual gym and train like a real boxer before taking on a series of increasingly difficult opponents. At Dance Central, players stroll through various dance clubs and listen to a dynamic soundtrack. Even in well-known shooters like Blaston and Pistol Whip, you’ll have to duck, dodge, spin and move as you work your way to victory.

Supernatural VR Surprise recently introduced guest trainer Chesney Mariani, an active member of the community who has used the app for 365 consecutive days. Having gone from being an athlete to a coach, Mariana has completely changed her lifestyle and also discovered the experience that awaits every potential user.

“I hated fitness before Supernatural,” says Mariani. “No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t stick to anything and I felt rejected by every possible fitness option. I didn’t want to go to the gym because I felt condemned in that space. The bikes were too expensive for me to afford. I tried going for walks two or three times a week, wearing headphones, but even that was starting to get boring. No matter how hard I tried, I just kept losing motivation and it started to feel like I didn’t even want to move. Then I found Supernatural and it helped me love the movement. Every day I put on my headphones, endorphins flow through my body and I just want to do it over and over again. Supernatural gave me a fitness journey that I could fall in love with.”

Are you ready to start your own journey? A virtual world of activity awaits you, and it begins with the purchase of Meta Quest 2. Headset and controls sold separately starting at $299. Welcome to the future of fitness.

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