Revolutionizing Fitness: The Power of Virtual Reality and AI in Indoor Training


In fitness clubs, the possibility of training is already facilitated by virtual reality, which encourages the activity by making it more fun: training in the gym but, thanks to 3D settings, finding yourself virtually immersed in suggestive natural or metropolitan scenarios, or launching yourself into high-tech world using VR viewers, choosing the training program, the duration and the “location”: highly engaging experiences.

Popular, in this context, indoor cycling thanks to a special software allows the cyclist to see his avatar on a screen carry out the selected activity possibly compete with other sportsmen choose location, route, type of bike and even the “clothing”.

Speaking of innovation, it is necessary to mention the TechnoGym, an Italian excellence that for more than 30 years has been providing cutting-edge solutions to consumers, whether they are enthusiasts or fitness operators.

Among the latest news, the first App on artificial intelligence in the world of fitness: it is TechnoGym Coach, which allows maximum customization of workouts, based on data collected and precise goals set by the user. Also worthy of mention is the new Technogym Excite Live cardio equipment, which has a screen powered by the movement of those using the maco and therefore eco-friendly, since it does not require battery power, which allows training programming.

Therefore, if even before the current pandemic it found a space within the Covid-19 fitness sector, they have accelerated its diffusion, consumption trends and facilitating the process of m of business models; the pandemic and its consequences forced fitness operators to implement well-established methods in favor of new ap managers have managed to reinvent themselves, taking advantage of the technology made available: first among the virtuality.

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