Oculus Quest Fitness Games to Stay in Shape


Oculus Quest is the stand-alone viewer with lots of Virtual Reality fitness games, perfect for keeping fit at home while having fun. A need that usually coincides with the Christmas holidays, the traditional binges and the consequent search for post-holiday physical fitness.

But also a need we have learned to deal with in this 2020 characterized by lockdowns and social distancing which has limited the possibility of playing sports indoors and outdoors. And if for many January will always rhyme with jogging in the cold (which burns more calories) and a strict diet, for many the solution is home fitness.

Workouts at home also with the help of various electronic or gaming devices. In this context, Oculus can be a very valuable ally to support all those who want to get off to a great start in the new year, without giving up on fun.

Thanks to Quest and Quest 2, the two stand-alone viewers that do not require cables or external supports to function, it is possible to access many fitness games in Virtual Reality and experiences with which to keep active and burn calories.

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