The Importance of Physical Activity

We state that everyone has their own physique, their state of health and their impediments. It’s not up to us to establish or judge how much and what type of physical activity you can do, for this reason we repeat that it is good to be followed in everything by expert specialists both for diet and for physical training.

In general, there’s no need to overdo it, we don’t have to win any records, what we have to do is give the maximum to our potential and possibilities.

The first thing is to find some activities that you find less boring or stressful than others. If you hate running, for example, you can try brisk walking, but you can also follow YouTube videos to do aerobics, cardio fitness, Zumba. A good help to do more sports is using a Virtual Reality Headset, that makes physical activity more enganging.

Or you can focus on one body part at a time and download an app for abs, buttocks, legs. Find something you enjoy, there definitely is! If you enjoy dancing, dance!

You could decide to take a picture every time you go for a walk and post it on Instagram: this way you will tell your journey step by step to look at it whenever you want and to share it with others.

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