Runnig Simulator VR City Run VR Jogging Exercise Workout and Stay Fit with your Oculus Quest

City Run Vr is the most realistic simulation for jogging, running and staying fit in virtual reality with your Oculus Quest. The app has been totally redesigned to make it even more engaging with gamification functions: now it’s even more fun and effective as a workout! Do you want to running, jogging or simply stay […]

VR Calories Burned while Training and Exercising with your Oculus Quest

Virtual reality is becoming a powerful tool in the fight against sedation and obesity in adults and children. An estimated 15% of VR games burn enough calories during regular play to qualify as moderate to high intensity exercise. Metabolic testing at the BP Institute of Health and Exercise and SFSU Kinesiology Labs has shown that […]

Fitness app for VR

For some, exercise comes naturally. You crave fatigue and the subsequent release of endorphins into your body, saying, “Hey, great job today,” like a supportive coach in a 90s sports movie. The rest need a little persuasion. Fortunately, virtual reality exists. And while our first port of call for VR fitness is dedicated fitness apps […]

Fitness Apps for Oculus Quest 2

The world’s leading virtual reality platform, Meta Quest 2, turned its attention to the fitness industry and redefined exercise in the process. This is particularly good news for most of us who find exercise to be a chore, as it provides a new and exciting solution to getting in shape. With the proliferation of VR […]

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