Runnig Simulator VR City Run VR Jogging Exercise Workout and Stay Fit with your Oculus Quest

City Run Vr is the most realistic simulation for jogging, running and staying fit in virtual reality with your Oculus Quest.

The app has been totally redesigned to make it even more engaging with gamification functions: now it’s even more fun and effective as a workout!

Do you want to running, jogging or simply stay fit with with your Oculus Quest? Now You can! We have released City Run VR, the first and most realistic simulation for jogging, running and walking in a realistic and immersive virtual 3d environment!

The App is totally compatible with your Oculus Quest VR headset (1 & 2) and very soon it will also be compatible with all the other VR viewers and the smartphones on the market.

The virtual environment reproduces reality faithfully. You will have the feeling of running in a real urban environment with traffic, pedestrians, voices, ambient sounds, streets, buildings, etc.

The app has been totally redesigned to make it even more engaging with gamification functions: now it’s even more fun and effective as a workout!

Collect bonuses as you run to reach your chosen target steps but be careful not to run out of your health bar !!!

You now have the option to choose the number of your target steps: 1000, 3500, 5000, 7500 or 10000!

Two different game scenarios to choose from: Day and Night!

We have worked over two years to offer you the most innovative and realistic jogging and running simulation ever made. You will be able to train in an effective and fun way from the comfort of your home whenever you want.

Do you want to stay fit jogging,running or walking in the comfort of your home? Do you want to do physical activity when and how do you want? Do you want to play sports without going to crowded places or risking unnecessarily at the health level?

With our Virtual App you can comfortably stay fit in a safe, fun and engaging way at home at work or anywhere else you want at anytime of the day and whenever you want!

Thanks to the AI each workout will be different from the previous one and you will be able to train in a setting that is always new and engaging.

You will be able to run or walk in a totally immersive virtual environment also monitoring your progress in real time (steps taken, distance travelled) You will able to train in a effective and fun way with a pleasant and motivating background music in an absolutely realistic virtual environment with your VR headset (Oculus Quest 1 & Oculus Quest 2).

■ You can run at home

Limited time? Bad weather? No problem! With our App You can run confortably at home.

■ Train and run while having fun

Thanks to the gamification functions, your workouts will always be fun and engaging!

■ Stunning experience

The first and most realistic simulation for jogging in a immersive 3d environment.

■ Stay fit with music

Train with an energetic and motivating soundtrack that changes everytime.

■ Each traning is unique

Each training session will be fun, engaging and different from the last thanks to the AI.

■ Track your progress

You can monitor your progress in real time every time (steps taken, distance travelled)..

■ No need of costly gear

Forget expensive gym membership or costly equipments, you need only the Oculus viewer that you already have.

■ A real training in VR

Each training session wil be absolutely effective, you will burn almost 636 calories with an hour training session.

■ Too out of shape to run?

You can simply just walk and loosing weight while having fun.


New Features Released !!!

City Run VR version 3.0 is already here!

We have added these additional great features:

1) Gamification features added to make your training more fun and engaging

2) Added new functions to make weather conditions more realistic (wind, dust, flying leaves, etc.)

3) Added new characters that make the various levels more interesting (conversing, talking on the phone, walking, etc.)

4) Added new objects to both scenes (trees that change leaf color, statues, vending machines, etc.)

5) Faster loading times by 80% (90-100 FPS on Oculus Quest 2) !!!

6) Significantly improved the framerate on Oculus Quest1 too

7) Added two runners (male and female) that you can follow to make the training more effective and engaging

8) Made passers-by more variable and aesthetically pleasing

9) Made the locomotion system even more realistic and responsive both when you run and when you walk

10) Added an artificial intelligence routine whereby pedestrians look in your direction when you pass them (as in real life)!

11) Improved the navigation system of the various game elements

12) Improved the system that manages traffic and cars

13) Added some cool fx effects

14) Added numerous neon advertising signs in the urban environment (great to see when jogging at night!)

15) Added a circular bar (audiometer) that pulses to the beat of the music – cool!

16) Further improved the fluidity and the speed of running (now you can run … like Usain Bolt! :))

17) Improved the artificial intelligence engine

18) Add a beatiful background (forest / trees)

19) Added various animated elements (crane, wind turbines, etc.)

20) Added a menu to select the desired game levels and exit the app

21) Added the ability to return to the main menu at each level you are training on

22) Added a feature that randomizes the wardrobe of the two runner companions (male and female) in each scene

23) Added a feature that randomizes the running speed of the two runner companions (male and female) in each scene

24) Added a feature that makes the two runner companions (male and female) running together in each scene (like in a real training session)

Want to workout with your Oculus Quest or Meta Quest easily and enjoyably? From now on you can!

Get ready for an immersive and exciting virtual running experience with our app City Run VR!


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