Thrill of the Fight Fitness the Most Intense Boxing VR Workout

As with many other things, virtual reality makes playing sports even better than reality. Thrill Of The Fight is fun in Quest 2 and feels like a real fight. You get better at it, just like with a cyclist or a runner, but here you also develop a skill. These skills are combat skills. Never boxed before? Good enough Thrill of the Fight will elevate you from a complete amateur. You can see your progress as a fighter in every slip and hook you land. It’s easy to get into because it’s fun and the better you get, the more you win. Just like any non-exercise game.

The excitement of combat is reflected here, as it is in many VR titles such as Battle Talent, Gladius, Gorn and many more. Close combat in VR is better than any other environment. This may be obvious, but that’s because virtual reality is the closest reality to a simulation that humans have invented. The transformation of a mouse click into virtual arm waving requires some cognitive dissonance to be satisfying. Swinging a real hand to force a virtual hand to strike an opponent in the jaw removes several levels of abstraction from the equation.

Thrill of the Fight is almost real boxing… I could see boxers 10 years from now actually sparring with AI (when AGI improves significantly) as a means to achieve extreme results without risking injury by sparring with real people for long periods of time. periods of time! If you go all out Mike Tyson style and throw punch after punch, slipping, etc., you’ll get a tremendous workout.

If you have never boxed in your life, playing Thrill Of The Fight all the time will make you a better boxer. Footwork, agility, correct form – everything that distinguishes a good boxer will be reflected in success in this game. Constant practice leads to improvement. At the very least, Thrill Of The Fight will teach you how to hit harder, because stronger hits are needed to win. It’s the same with strategy, thinking about how to strike and when. As well as speed, and the ability to quickly dodge a blow.

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